Posted by: Bob Gorman | January 23, 2017

Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

On November 16, 2016, U. S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed the class action lawsuit over netting and fan safety, citing data supplied by MLB that the risk of injury to fans was less than 1 percent.  Rogers did agree that “while rare, the severity of injuries that baseball spectators sustain in the modern era as a result of foul balls is significantly more severe than in the past.”  For the complete ruling, see



  1. While not unexpected this ruling is disappointing. Approximately 68 million people attended MLB games last year. 1% of that is 68,000 people! And this is acceptable? I, for one, will continue to advocate for more safety measures (netting) at the ball parks. Shameful that a multi-billion industry show such blatant disregard for their fan base (cash cow)

    • I’m sick and tired of MLB citing attendance figures as some sort of “proof” that there is no problem. These figures are highly deceptive. First, they are probably based on ticket sales, not actual attendance. In addition, they include the entire ballpark, not just field level seating that is the real problem.

      Most importantly, citing figures depersonalizes the problem. MLB wants to divert attention from the fact that these injuries are happening to real people – many of them children- and that they often have life-altering consequences. It’s easy to ignore the problem when you throw around a bunch of numbers.

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